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VCG International LLC (VCG), a United Arab Emirates registered multi-competency technology firm with corporate headquarters in Dubai, was birthed to deepen the delivery of best practice technology solutions, services and capabilities to governments, businesses and organizations wishing to embark on digital transformation of their operations and business processes, thus eliminating the risks, project failure and escalating costs typically associated with most enterprise IT deployments.

With a dynamic team of professionals and principals with a combined industry experience spanning more than 50 years gained across multinational technology corporations, private sector and public services, VCG is reputable to offer

  • Unrivalled technology consulting services and delivery of customized solutions that enable businesses, organizations and governments wishing to use technology as a key enabler of their enterprise transformation to derive quick wins and achieve clearly measurable value for their IT investments.
  • Cost-effective strategies, services and solutions that address the immediate and future needs of clients across major industry verticals, including government and public services, defence and security agencies, banks and financial services, telecommunications and private sectors.